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East Brunswick (EB) Sai Center Service Activities

By Swami's Blessings there are many wonderful and exciting selfless service opportunities in our community on weekdays and weekends.

Some of the activities that the center coordinates or participates are as follows:

- Bakery Items Distribution
- Blood Donations
- Canned Food Drives
- Clothing Drives
- Donation Drives for Bhutan Refugees in Trenton, NJ area
- Donation Drives for Hurricane Sandy Victims
- General Seva for center and regional programs and festivals
- Health Fair
- Helping at the SHIP Medical Clinic
- Hurricane Sandy relief & rebuilding homes in Ocean & Monmouth Counties in NJ 
- Lawrenceville Nursing Home Visits
- Mobile Soup Kitchen of Samaritan Homeless
- Narayan Seva Cooking & Distribution Of Meals At Various NJ Shelters
- Oznam Inn Shelter Narayan Seva
- Oznam Shelter Narayan Seva
- Quilt Seva Activity
- Sacred Heart Narayan Seva
- Sandwiches For Fight Against Hunger 
- Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (SHIP)'s Galley Soup Kitchen
- Sewing Seva Activities Every Sunday Afternoon At Central Elementary School
- Toiletry Kitbag Seva
- Toy Drives.

For further information please contact:

Ramavenkat Balasubramanium – Service Coordinator (Home Tel #: 732-734-4272 or Cell #: 732-309-2880 or E-mail:

Rajen I Ghayal – President (Home Tel #: 732-709-3646 or Cell #: 732-551-6349 or E-mail: ) or visit the web-site:




For additional information on all the service activities, please click on the activities page, under the service wing.

Please click here for a 'Guide to Service in American Sathya Sai Baba Centers'.